OAXACA Beddings/Throws/curtains

The State of Oaxaca, Mexico is renowned for its wealth of textiles. The finest work is done by a small number of families like our featured artisan Antonio Martinez who create dyes from natural substances and use pure hand-spun wool.  Antonio still works on traditional shuttle looms operated with foot pedals and treadles, dating back to the 16th century when they were introduced by the Spaniards.     Oaxaca cotton tassel throw/blankets, pillows and curtains are all handwoven made with natural fibers. Various bands of stripes in different weaves run across all of these products.  The throws come in King, Queen and Twin sizes.  The pillows are 20" x 20" and the curtains can be custom made for your order.  We currently have curtains in stock 6' x 6' in various styles and colors.  Place the cursor on the image below to view the product.  Discover and enjoy the masterwork by Antonio's family from Oaxaca.              

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Antonio Martinez
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