Rodo Padilla Ceramics

Rodo Padilla is one of the Mexico’s most recognized artisan-sculptors working in stoneware, high temperature ceramics. Some of his pieces are also made in bronze.  His original designs embodies the soul of the Mexican people and its folkloric culture.  Rodo Padilla was born and today still has his studio in the town of Tlaquepaque, in the state of Jalisco, just outside of Guadalajara. Rodo Padilla also does commercial work personalizing figures and trophies for private companies.  Visit the following link to see Rado Padilla's work with tequila producer Patrøn. 

He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering in Mexico and later discovered his real passion with ceramics studying in Japan, Italy and Argentina.  In 1992 he began to exhibit in solo exhibitions and that same year he was awarded first place for sculpture in the National Ceramic Awards. Among other awards recognizing his work he again won the first place for sculpture in the 2000 National Ceramic Awards.  The majority of the pieces average some five inches in height and 3 inches in width, although there are some pieces such as the flower man and bird man that reach the 8 inch height.

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