Welcome to Borderworx Market, a venue devoted to handcrafted products made by talented artisans we are proud to call our friends!  If there is a word that best describes our many products, that word is FOLKLORIC! 

And when it comes to exquisite folkloric products, Mexico embodies a diversity of colorful and selective designs; many made by indigenous groups who began their traditional designs long before the Spanish conquest in 1521.  Working directly with artisans from Oaxaca to Chiapas, Puebla, Tlaquepaque, Leon and Casas Grandes our passion is to showcase the beauty and elegance of Mexico through the many products still made by hand.  Many of these handicrafts produced today are created using natural resources such as plant leaves and fruits.  We also support a women's sewing cooperative in Juarez, Mexico that make colorful table cloths, women shawls and purses. All proceeds for their products go towards the continued development of the cooperative.

Our Colors of Mexico collection presents handwoven textile designs spun from cotton using traditional dye sources.  We feature bedding products including colorful throws, pillows, and artisan design and colorful leather handbags and alpagartas --comfortable espadrille sandals first worn over 4000 years ago by the Egyptians. This collection also includes tablecloths in a variety of different Mexican traditional colors and designs as well as heavy blankets displaying Frida Kahlo and the Mayan calendar. 

From Puebla, Mexico we feature religious wood crosses, candles and elegant gift boxes.  All made integrated with flowers and seeds or talavera.  

Our fine pottery is made in internationally known Casas Grandes a prehistoric archeoligical site located in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua.  

Mexican sculpture and world renown Rodo Padilla is one of our newest artists.  Each ceramic piece designed by Padilla depicts the Mexican soul in folkloric figurine forms from mariachi to sports and everyday life.  

Finally, in this country we are working with Sina Sutter a Cuban born artist based in Orlando, Florida. A long time friend, Sina Sutter's fine art is a colorful celebration of life featuring watercolor/texture with hand-cut glass slivers and mosaic tiles in various sizes.  

 We are located on 207 Avenida de Mesilla, STE F, Las Cruces, NM and can be reached at 575-323-4413. 

                                        (across from Bosa Donuts)!