Elements of our Culture


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Elements of our Culture



 32″ x 40″ watercolor on double canvas/texture/hand cut glass


Watercolor on double canvas /texture/ hand cut glass. Stoning art piece full of symbols, tradition and splendor. In the upper left the Alebrije from Mexico, a tile from la Alhambra, Spain depicting the Quijote, a Pre-Columbian Nariguera from El Museo del Oro en Bogotá, Colombia. The profile of a Latin woman and the Artist’s very own eyes as an observer. The powerful waters of the Caribbean with the beauty of the palms. The Afro –Hispanic culture. The Olmec women as the Mesoamerican oldest cultures. Los Zanqueros de la Habana Cuba and the Vejigante from Puerto Rico. A pot representing the Quibor Indians terra cotta pots from Venezuela and the Latin Congas portray the music and tempo of the greater Hispanic Culture. “Culture is the essence of the soul that creates ethnicity”.


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